Faculty Member - Teaching-Track (Engineering Product Development)

Job Req ID:  996
Employee Category:  Faculty
Department:  EPD Pillar

The role


This position constitutes a very exciting and unique opportunity to mature with, and help shape the design area at SUTD. Along the way, the candidate will interact with the governing bodies in Singapore, the funding agencies and the industrial eco-system. The latter in particular is eager to know more about design innovation and design thinking, following a strong push from the government to lead the way into this century innovation in South-East Asia.

The successful candidate will work across all areas of academic activity: education, research, service to the university, and outreach. The candidate will be part of an innovative team, where he/she will utilise his/her demonstrated skills in blended learning to develop and deliver high-quality student-centred undergraduate, postgraduate and continuous education and training programs. He/she will make a positive contribution to an already established innovation culture and mindset for students at all levels, and engage and work with industry to integrate challenging engineering design and/or design process related problems into SUTD’s unique hands-on curriculum.

The candidate will engage in engineering design teaching at all levels, from first-year undergraduate to PhD level and even adult learners in professional positions, in multiple design courses, either co-teaching, leading a team of colleagues, or being the sole instructor. Courses that have to do with topics like Design Innovation, Engineering Design, Design Thinking, and Design Science (to name just a few) from an Engineering perspective, heavy on new education tools and methods.


Becoming part of SUTD


With a passion for teaching and a flair for research in Engineering Design, you will meet with colleagues from all backgrounds to collaborate and develop your own niche in design research. If you are at an early career phase, you will have the opportunity to leave your own mark by understanding what others have done before you, and the work they have developed up to now, and consequently contribute with your own vision of design teaching and design research. Building or strengthening a research interest around the teaching of design or the application of design to the growth areas defined at SUTD (Sustainability, Cities, Aviation, Healthcare, and AI) will enable you to connect with all relevant stakeholders in and around SUTD.


The candidate must have:


  • A PhD in Engineering, with a proven record of teaching and/or research in design, engineering design and/or design-related topics. Industry experience in this field will also be considered
  • Proven experience in working autonomously and in teams, multi-tasking between teaching and research
  • An appetite for improving teaching and learning of design processes in context of product development
  • A willingness to tackle complex problems in design research, potentially spanning across multiple application disciplines
  • The ability to interact both face-to-face as well as virtually with students, peers, and all relevant stakeholders
  • The drive to network and engage with funding agencies and companies, and create partnerships for continuous learning programmes


The candidate can have:


  • Experience in teaching in other educational environments, like executive education and/or lifelong learning
  • Experience in designing and delivering short, medium and semester-long courses in various design-related topics
  • A track record of advising Doctoral, Master, and undergraduate students in design research and or engineering design.
  • Publications in design-related journals (e.g. Research in Engineering Design, Journal of Engineering Design, Design Science, Design Issues, Journal of Mechanical Design, and similar) and conferences (International Conference on Engineering Design, International Design Engineering Technical Conference, International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education, and similar)