Research Assistant

Job Req ID:  1079
Employee Category:  Research
Department:  ISTD Pillar

We are a database system research group at SUTD, looking for a full-time research assistant. The successful candidate will join a group on developing novel database operations, machine learning model, data mining algorithms, and system optimizations for continuous real-time data streams.


From a high-level point of view, our research goal is to optimize and utilize distributed and parallel stream processing technology to better support existing and emerging big data applications. This is important to improve performance and reduce resource consumption, especially for the network connected world by 5G, IoT, etc. We are exploring multiple interesting topics:


  • Hardware-conscious stream processing algorithms/systems (ICDE’17SIGMOD’21USENIX ATC’20TPDS’21ICDE’23DEBS’23ICDE’23)
    • Join us if you love design for computer-architecture-aware algorithm optimizations and are very strong in C/C++ programming/CUDA/OpenCL
  • Novel stream data management systems/frameworks (ICDE’17ICDE’20ICDE’23SIGMOD’23) (Arxiv)
    • Join us if you love (large-scale, 100K+ LoC) database system design and are very good in Java/C++ programming
  • Online machine learning and data stream mining algorithms/systems (BigMM’19SIGMOD’23) (Arxiv)
    • Join us if you love to explore the intersection between data management and data science and are good in C++/Python programming and Machine Learning/Data Mining
  • Novel streaming approaches for network function virtualization and software-defined networks (on-going)
    • Join us if you love to explore the intersection between data management and networking systems and are good in programming.