Research Fellow

Job Req ID:  1122
Employee Category:  Research
Department:  SCI,MATH & Technology

Postdoctoral Fellow positions are available. Preferred research areas (theoretical research only) include,

  1. Quantum computation in physical systems,
  2. Quantum control to mitigate decoherences,
  3. Cavity QED or Circuit QED, and
  4. Quantum machine learning in physical systems.
  5. Quantum error-correction codes.

The applicants for postdoctoral fellow should have a PhD degree in quantum physics. Preference will be given to those who are independent, hard-working, and with strong publication record.

The technical requirements are to:

  1. Have a firm foundation in quantum mechanics, quantum information and computation.
  2. Able to conduct research independently with necessary skills (e.g. solve research problems analytically, master programming language, etc).